Probabilistic and Reinforcement Learning Track

2023 International Planning Competition

Recommender System

Example name RecSim
Action space Dict
State space Dict


The recommender system maintains a limited inventory of items (say we can index/process so many items in a given day). Providers compete for these slots, where the probability of a provider getting the slot is proportional to their satisfaction. Essentially, unsatisfied providers will become unrecommendable. Consumer satisfaction is according to the item features and the consumers affinity. The goal of the recommander system is to maximize the consumer satifaction with the recommanded items.

Action Space

There is a single type of action in this domain, a boolean decision, whether to recommand consumer s item t.

Action type Desc
recommend(consumer, item) Discrete(2) recommend an item to a consumer

State Space

The state is compriesed of the satisfaction level of the providers and consumers, and the all the item features.

State type Desc
provider-satisfaction(provider) Box(1, np.float32) consumer statisfaction level
consumer-satisfaction(consumer) Box(1, np.float32) consumer statisfaction level
item-feature(item, feature) Box(1, np.float32) how much of a feature is present in an item


The reward is a sum over all consumers statisfaction levels.


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